There are many web pages in cyberspace which will help you explore the Catholic Hierarchy, catechesis, Catholic doctrine and many other aspects of Catholic faith and practice. It is not our intention to maintain a list of those here, beyond acknowledging that our diocese is part of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, recognising the primacy of the Holy See, and committed to the ecumenical work of Cytûn.

Rather, on this site we hope to maintain a list of practical and pastoral resources of particular relevance to the Catholics living in our deanery - local resources which may or may not be faith-based, but which can be of help to people in a time of need. Suggestions for additions will be welcomed by the editor.

Spiritual resources - prayer and local saints

Sharing Faith - Evangelisation and Catechesis

Pastoral resources - counselling, addiction, pregnancy care

Supporting Marriage - preparation, maintenance, coping

Practical resources - legal, financial, volunteering

News and Press - Catholic News Sources and History

Please note: Inclusion on any of the lists links above does not imply endorsement by any personnel associated with the Pontypridd Deanery.



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